Big Oyster

The first and only one Bulgarian oyster producer.

Our farm is located 23 km north of Varna. This location has been chosen because of the perfect conditions for aquacultures – intensive waterflow, active bio-environment and a rich variety of algae food suitable for oysters. We chose to start cultivating oyster specie Crassostrea Gigas (Pacific oyster). Crassostrea Gigas is a long-time favorite for aquaculture producers along Europe because of its meat size, disease resistance but most of all because its great taste.

Crassostrea Gigas Oysters Spat (Baby Oysters) in Black Sea - Bulgaria

We import our oyster spat (baby oysters) from the best oyster hatcheries from the renown aquaculture producing regions of France – Bretagne and Vendee. Placed here after careful care they could successfully grow and live in Black Sea.

Crassostrea Gigas Plate with Oysters

Because of lower salinity level of our sea and its still preserved ecological system in comparison with most of the other places of the World Ocean, our oysters have their own fresh fine taste, much softer than other oysters. Their scent of sea freshness comes without salty harshness, giving valuable aftertaste that can be describe by the famous Tim Robbins quote “Eating a raw oyster is like French kissing a mermaid”.