Basket with Fresh Bulgarian Oysters - Crassostrea Gigas

"Stridi - Kranea" - the first oysters cultivated in Bulgaria!

“Stridi Kranea” is an adventurous project that was born unexpectedly and gradually conquered our will and mind. Pursuing our dream, we invested years of hard work in this difficult task on how to produce and cultivate the exotic and unknown oysters in our local sea waters. Despite of assistance and help of many leading oyster producers with many years of experience, conditions in the Black Sea are very different with specific problems we had and still have to solve. This is an exciting challenge to test our will for success.

Oyster Boat in the Black Sea - Bulgaria

Net with Fresh Bulgarian Oysters - Crassostrea Gigas

At the end of this long journey it was born the first aquafarm for cultivated oysters in Bulgaria – “Stridi – Kranea”.

Today we are firmly resolved to prove that in our country it is possible to grow world-class seafoods and even better.

For that, of course, of main significance is our well selected biological environment, purity of sea water, abundance of nutritients, but also our strong wish to supply our clients with a product of a very high quality level!